Practice is the study of the profession. I learn little things along the way. I want to  jot them down for later for two reason.

1. In case I haven't studied them enough but they keep coming up.
2. If it's something that is important part of software that could be easily forgotten because it's just part of the practice but not necessarily a topic of continual conversation.

semantic versioning 1.2.3
  (1) major - changes the API
  (2) minor - may not change the API
  (3) patch - doesn't change the API, names of the functions

json api spec

status codes

normalizing data

serializing data

- static
- dynamic

query vs params

success vs. error

auth, details, data, and messages back to request;
it is our job to inform the requestor of why they did or did not receive the data they are looking for.
- are they not logged in?
- are they looking in the wrong place?
- are they not authorized?
- did they request the end of a data set?

newing up an instance
transporting data

event listeners
call stack
a computer runs in a linear way. A stack of commands, or calls. Because of this, there are times in the lifecycle of a call stack. Before, during, and after the stack is called. Those moments can be useful to ensure the stack begins or ends as