I wonder if i tweet here. each jot could be a new file that is clicked with the word next to it. just thinking out loud here.



window is not in node.

Node does not have access to the window. Thus, state is then managed by vuex. I knew I was going to eventually run into this again but I figured out a way (somehow) to avoid that by keeping files to run in the window.



## spies
var func = sinon.spy()
sinon.spy() gives us a fake function to track execution.

// arrange
var res = {
  render: sinon.spy()

// act

// assert

Sinon api
methods like 'calledOnce' are part of the sinon.
- calledOnce
- firstCall

 _dw lesson learned
 var request = {
   headers: {
     user_token: 'vtsk7vjDeur4dayam1Mt7ja2'
 return API.get(request).then(function(response) {

 _dw Gotchas 1. imported {} instaed of List

 _dw Gotchas 2. tried using @vue/test-utils but couldn't get it to work so went back to avoiraz

 _dw Gotchas 3. was not using chai should.

  _dw Gotchas 4. I was trying to test the created hook after it had been created. But if I import a list, then spy on it's methods, THEN shallow it. We will see it is called with Data.


10 hour projects
- getting a project setup for the first time is challenging.
- the first feature is challenging
- getting the test suite setup for the new project is challenging
- practicing these pieces and the repitition of getting tests setup is a good use of time

here are some 10 hour projects I want to do;
- express/node on AWS

- mailers / mailing list
- background jobs
- webpacker vue
- webpaccker stimulus
- stimulus w/out webpacker
- active storage
- action cable
- TDD app
- API + VUE jam