Jeremy Keith

# jeremy keith
  - philosophy of frameworks
  - order of operations
  - future friendly and super fast
  - resiliance, long gevity, cross-platform

want to say
- html for designers
- event apart
- funny story - url / javascript
- his talks

what i learned
- future friendly
- history of web
- not a platform
- resiliance
- order of operations
- the custom webpage web society

where I don't agree
- science
- evolution
- nasa

An open letter to

I had no idea that you were into URL's as much and I am glad. The URL was the first portion of my awakening that the web was an instant phone number to a resource.

I am really grateful for the amount of time and effort you have put into the advancement of web design.

If you ever read this, I'd love a chance to have a FaceTime and talk about things. But I just want to say

You are the first person I am writing because it all starts with HTML. Databases, CSS, JS, Ruby on Rails, all these aspects are managing content. I suppose I could send you a JSON file but you get the point. The point is, you have inspired me to begin with HTML. That's what this site is and that's why this first letter is to you.

In honor of your influence, I've used the [select box styler] to decide which format. Of course, you could just kill JS and see that all is still well with the world.