I follow people from all ages. Some are still living and some are dead. I am loyal to the people I follow. Meaning, if there is a differing of opinion, I have chosen to listen to the people I follow above a contradicting opinion, naysayers, critics, and fools.

I also have a order of importance when it comes to the people I follow. Not all the people I follow are masters at everything. I follow them for specific reasons. For example, I follow [jeremy keith] for HTML and Web design. I do not follow him for his views on Ruby on Rails. I follow [DHH] for that. I do not follow [DHH] for his race car advice. I follow Moses for my moral and dietary code.

As with everyone on the web, I have public parts of me that you will agree and disagree with. I am comfortable following people who I do not 100% agree with. I hope I can say the same about you.

I follow the bible and people in that order.

History lesson. Twitter did not invent the idea of following people. You may read the bible, Yeshua said 'follow me.'. The notion is not new. But before twitter, we used the word mentor. Who are some of your mentors. When I use the term following, I mean people who are my mentors or other thought providing people.

These people shape the way I think, work, and live. They have made an impression on me. As such, I know them well enough to share what they have done for me in my life.

I don't need to follow their social network. These people stand the test of timelines. I know what they say is important and I'm going to search it out. I'm going to spend time listening, watching, reading what they have to say.

As such, what they publish has an impact on me. So much so, that I want to record it for my own sake. But the beauty of [[4D blogging is I can take this one step further. I can create pages that make it easy to share and send it to them that they mean more to me than just following them. I think that's what all people really want. That their lives are making an impact on other people's lives. These people are making an impact on my life.