Boys, I want to talk to you about something that is apart of grown up lives. It's alcohol. There are many different thougts and ideas about alcohol. So, I will give you my thoughts.

You must know that alcohol changes who you are. At first, alcohol will make you feel good. and that is it's purpose. the amazing thing is that it has it's own limitations. you must learn how to land the plane.

I only remember one line from a teach from middleschool. the first thing that goes when you drink alcohol, is your judgement. You cannot judge wisely. You are happy when you shouldn't. You may also be angry or foolish.

If you find yourself drinking with friends, plesae know that it will be fun. But you must be careful. It is like playing with a loaded gun. If you are not careful, you can shoot yourself or be shot by those drinking around you.

This is a cautionary warning that you have choices.