Why fake farm the name?
i got this name from car camping.

This is my fourth attempt to fake farm.

1. demos and such
i wanted it be front end. so i started backwards with JS

2. a blog from boulder
i tried again to make it with middleman and used all the cool scripts but I still didn't use HTMl. I used YAML.

3. junk drawer w/ js
i tried to make it a psudeo note taking hot mess using markdown and JS

4. future friendly
this is my fourth attempt. All three other attempts are still around. I

I think this one will stay because I am starting with the most stable parts and organizing with URLs. Before I just dropped things in 'draft' and that made things hard to follow.

I also appreciate the fact that I'm starting 4D blogging with fake farm 4. Maybe there is a better term that will come out of 4DB but I'm okay with it right now. The point is I'm writing much more than you are reading. I'm also writing the style, markup, and behavior that you are experiencing. please feel free to give me a comment about any of these. My version three was open source but what I found was that I was then concious about when and where I would write things. Maybe I'll consider making this open source later but right now, I like the idea of only sharing the parts I am ready to publish.

The Internet is here to stay.

I want to have a place where I can think and document my journey of the web.
I want to narrow my focus in on my version of a web developer
I also want to link to my other projects

- past blogs
- resume
- projects of mine
- old fake farm

A form of both toy and playground.

Maybe another version of my notes. My previous notes was both the wrong technologies and the wrong approach. I was writing markdown supported by javascript. but now I want to write html first, then css, and add javascript as needed. I don't mind the markup. I do not have to write in markdown. markdown, after all converts to html. the more i practice the very skills I am using, the better I will get with them.