My daughter passed away of heart failure in 2014. She was two weeks old.

So I've had time and reason to think about death and life. No matter how resiliant I want HTML to be, it won't make it to eternity. When I die, I cannot take my .bash_rc file with me.

The topic of software is so massive that I think it can preoccupy your entire life. At least for a season. But sooner or later the reality that my eyes, fingers, and back are getting older. Old age soon ends with death. Morbid, I know.

The software industry as I have become apart of it over the past 6 years is [obsessed with security, stability, prevention, and other forms of future proofing]. Why then do we have no problem ignoring the fact that our lives are all headed for the same destination. We're all going to die.

As a logical person, I've taken some time to think through what happens when we die. I have concluded that no body really knows...

But that does not mean that I am satisfied with the ambiguity. What then are our options? We have 5 options, or perspectives we can take as we approach the inevitable day of death. Let us not forget that we can die at any moment. I could die right now and not finish this sentence. But I made it. phew!. To me there are 5 options and I would sincerely appreciate your thoughts if you think there is a 6th.

We have two options for sourcing our information. We can either be our own source. Or we can source someone else. If you quote yourself, then you will either have the ability to prove what you are saying is true. Or you will not. If what you say is true, then you can prove it. If you cannot prove it, then you are stating your opinion. There are many people in this world who are willing to state their opinion about what happens after death as if it is the absolute truth. These are the kinds of statements about one with the universe, we become gods, or other similiar ideas that man chooses to say.

- do nothing. ignore it
- atheists
- dietiest
- religion
- bible