Also, you will learn some of the ancillary skills that come with this terriatory. One, you will learn bash, git, and some kinds of scripting to help you move your content around. You will learn how to improve workflow with your snippets, and even possibly make your own 'framework'. But the point of this 4D blogging is that you write words that are visible, invisible, text, code, and style.

The beauty of this approach is that right now, I am writing in the clearest of all writing einvorments. I am writing in my text editor without any consideration of my markup. I am writing my content first. Content comes before markup. Afterall, what is there to markup if there's no text to markup? The other part of this is tht I don't know which of these words is going to stay. I'm going to write out my thoughts as best I can and then I'll take a pass at editing them.

What I like about 4D blogging is that I am not bound by a translator. I can code and speak freely. This is one of the rewards of taking the time to become a fluent programmer.

One of the visions I have for this is that it will make my entire website interesting. I hope that every page is unique, custom, and relevant to the content presented. Think about what I'm trying to exaplain here. Nobody starts a blog post by copy/pasting the content over from another post. Sure, they may reference it, but in reality, they are writing original content every time they click [new post]. why can't i do the same with my website?

There is nothing wrong with spending personal time writing HTML. YOu are not a big corporation. It has been said 'faithful in little. faithful in much'. By taking the time to prove your skills to yourself, you are proving them to your profession. There is nothing wrong with maintaining a pet project by hand. There is nothing wrong with redundant html. HTML and CSS are both languages. There is no limit to when and how you speak. Sure, there are people who speak and write better than others. Know how they are able? They practice. That's what this site is. It is practice. I will maintain it as long as I enjoy doing so. Currently, I find joy in this because I am able to type out my thoughts in paragraphs like this one. I'm also able to find joy in the fact that I'm learning how to code one incremental step at a time. This is my blog. You can write whatever you want on yours. I am not writing this to win an Pulitzer. I'm writing this because... well, I don't need a reason other than I want to.